Northwest Debtors Anonymous


From Spiritual Bankruptcy to Spiritually Abundant Earning

Presented by D.A.'s Spiritually Sustainable Earning Caucus

Fellowship-wide Call

Four speakers share their experience, strength and hope.

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Welcome to Debtors Anonymous!

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Kenya DA Ab​undance Safari

Time: Nov 7, 2020 02:30 PM Nairobi
Meeting ID: 899 4185 1510
Passcode: Karibu

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DA Can Help You

Is your life unmanageable because of debt? Are you sick of bouncing checks, paying late fees, and having creditors hound you? Does your financial life feel out of control? Debtors Anonymous and Northwest DA can help. Use the button below to take a quick quiz. 

Debtors Anonymous offers hope for people whose use of unsecured debt causes problems and suffering. We come to learn that compulsive debting is a spiritual problem with a spiritual solution, and we find relief by working the D.A. recovery program based on the Twelve-Step principles.

We welcome everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, age, sex, sexual or gender orientation, ability or disability, religion or lack of religion, politics, socioeconomic status, and other such factors.  The only requirement for DA membership is a desire to stop incurring unsecured debt. ​Even if members are not in debt, they are welcome in D.A. Our Fellowship is supported solely through contributions made by members; there are no dues or fees.

Debtors Anonymous is not affiliated with any financial, legal, political, or religious entities, and we avoid controversy by not discussing outside issues. By sharing our experience, strength, and hope, and by carrying the message to those who still suffer, we find joy, clarity, and serenity as we recover together.

* Most meetings are now being held online. See the Meetings page for more information. Northwest Debtors Anonymous encompasses the US states of Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia.
You can reach DA via email:  Or via our contact form: Contact Us

Become a DA Public Information Representative (PIR)

NWDA Intergroup is asking that each meeting have its own PIR to help carry the message to the still-suffering debtor. A great service opportunity...

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DA Meetings

More than 20 meetings take place each week throughout the Northwest region*.  Click below to locate a meeting or upcoming event near you!

About Northwest DA Intergroup 

Northwest Intergroup covers Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia. Any member of DA may attend an Intergroup meeting as a non-voting participant. Our monthly meetings can be a useful way to experience a business meeting and to participate in service.