About Northwest DA Intergroup

What Intergroup Representatives Do

Each group elects an Intergroup Representative (IR) to serve as its representative at the monthly Intergroup meetings. 

DA Can Help You

Is your life unmanageable because of debt? Are you sick of bouncing checks, paying late fees, and having creditors hound you? Does your financial life feel out of control? 

12 Promises of DA

There is hope. In working DA’s Twelve Steps, we have developed new ways of living. When we work the DA program with integrity and to the best of our ability, one day at a time, a life of prosperity and serenity will be ours.


Together we can accomplish what none of us could accomplish separately. This is the simple principle underlying the need for Intergroups. The primary purpose of any group is to carry the message of recovery to the still-suffering debtor. In many instances, a group operating by itself cannot do this effectively.

Northwest DA is a gathering of DA members who represent DA groups throughout our geographic region, including Washington, Alaska, Idaho, and Montana. Our Intergroup meets, usually every 4th Saturday, to plan and provide services for the entire region. Our Intergroup plays a vital role in carrying the DA message to the still-suffering debtor. We are often the first source of recovery materials found by someone who is struggling with debting. Therefore, the primary purpose of our Northwest DA is to support our regional DA meetings and to help direct newcomers to those meetings.

Northwest Debtors Anonymous