Northwest Debtors Anonymous


12 Promises of DA

There is hope. In working DA’s Twelve Steps, we have developed new ways of living. When we work the DA program with integrity and to the best of our ability, one day at a time, a life of prosperity and serenity will be ours.

About Northwest DA Intergroup

What Intergroup Representatives Do

Each group elects an Intergroup Representative (IR) to serve as its representative at monthly Intergroup meetings. 

Support Your Intergroup

Northwest DA is fully self-supporting through the voluntary contributions of our constituent groups and membership.


Together we can accomplish what none of us could accomplish separately. This is the simple principle underlying the need for Intergroups.

The mission of Northwest DA is to facilitate and support a spiritual pathway to solvency and abundance for the suffering debtor.  In many instances, a DA group operating by itself cannot do this effectively. Thus, our Intergroup plays a vital role in carrying the DA message to the still-suffering debtor. For example, this website--including its schedule of DA meetings--might be the first source of recovery materials found by someone who is seeking relief from the disease of compulsively living beyond our means.

How does Northwest DA function?  We come together on a regular basis (usually monthly) to participate in representational decision-making, described in our literature as a process of "group conscience".  As DA's 2nd Tradition states, 

For our group purpose there is but one ultimate authority--a loving God as He may express Himself in our group conscience.  Our leaders are but trusted servants, they do not govern.

In this fashion--and via many activities that take place between business meetings-- we try to serve the local DA groups in their common purpose of carrying the DA message to the compulsive debtors who suffer. [Northwest DA Bylaws, Article II].