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How to Contribute

What if I Don't Consider Myself a D.A. Member?

There are many ways for non-members to help support DA's primary purpose of carrying the message of recovery to those still suffering from the compulsion to live beyond their means.  While a full exploration of this important topic is beyond the scope of this website, you may find thePublic Informationsection of the site a good place to start.  In addition, DA's worldwide website also offerssuggestions for Helping ProfessionalsPlease explore these resources andContactus if you have additonal questions.

Unlike most NGOs or charitable organizations, DA --including Northwest DA Intergroup-- does not accept contributions from outside its own membership.  This is true whether those contributions come in the form of monetary donations, professional services, or any other kind of material support. Therefore, Northwest DA depends entirely upon the service and financial support of DA members -- especially those DA Groups within the Intergroup's region (Alaska, Washington, Idaho, and Montana) -- for its continuance and activities.   At the same time, Northwest DA is purposed to facilitate the spiritual solution offered in DA's 12 Steps and 12 Traditions.  Thus, our intention is to give back freely to the DA Groups, just as groups and members freely offer their support to Northwest DA.

Tradition Seven: Every D.A. group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.

Contribute to Northwest DA

There are two primary ways DA Groups and DA members may contribute to the Northwest DA Intergroup: financial contributions and service. If you would like to explore options for service within Northwest DA, please see our Service Opportunities  page.

To donate to Northwest DA Intergroup, see the information on our Donate page.