Become a DA Public Information Representative!

NWDA Intergroup is asking that each meeting have its own Public Information Representative (PIR). It's a great service opportunity.

The primary purpose of the Public Information Representative is to carry the message of recovery to the still-suffering debtor and to other people and groups who come in contact with debtors. We seek to be a credible community resource by providing information on DA Web sites and via other communications to the general public, the media, and helping professionals. We also provide information to institutions when there is no local hospital, institution and prison (HIP) committee. PIRs report to their Intergroup or home group meeting.  

Suggested qualifications for a PIR

  1. Is an active member of Debtors Anonymous, attending meetings regularly with at least three months of not incurring unsecured debt; *requirement is one year of not incurring unsecured debt for working with the media
  2. Has an understanding of the Traditions, including a firm grasp of anonymity as discussed in Traditions 11 and 12
  3. Has worked the Steps or is currently engaged in step work in the DA program
  4. Has a sponsor in DA  Responsibilities of a PIR
  5. Report to his or her home group about PI activities
  6. Commit to a minimum of one hour per month of service work
  7. Attend DA speaker training and media training within the first year of service
  8. Be a point person for requests from the media

Suggested activities of a PIR

PUBLIC OUTREACH: In keeping with our 11th Tradition, we spread the word about DA to local media (TV, radio, newspapers, Internet sites, etc.). In cooperation with the World Service Conference (WSC) PI Committee, we also reach out to professionals and institutions. In addition, we spread the word about DA, including specific meeting information, to local churches, libraries, self-help clearing houses, teen centers, crisis hot lines, and other 12 Step fellowships.

The PI manual has excellent examples of specific letters, announcements, and meeting listings for these purposes. 

IN-REACH TO THE DA FELLOWSHIP: We inform local, regional, and the greater DA fellowships about our DA activities and events. These include retreats, workshops, meeting anniversary celebrations, days of sharing, etc. We accomplish this by disseminating flyers and notices to other local meetings and Intergroup(s) and by posting notices on DA’s E-News. 

For more information, or to volunteer, send an email to

DA Public Information Representative Service Position

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