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Information for Helping Professionals
In the middle, above -- A 5-page pdf perfect for attaching to outreach emails to professionals or for printing and taking with you when you meet professionals face-to-face. Besides the content of the discontinued helping professionals pamphlet, you will find two of our
Northwest DA tear-off flyers included, too. You'll see references to this pdf in the new PI handbook.

Public Information Starter Kit
The purpose of this kit is to demystify Public Information (PI) service and to provide simple tools that help members take action in carrying the message of D.A. Many of us who have done PI service find that our own recovery is strengthened by taking the simple actions suggested in this kit.

Tear-Off Flyers for Posting in Public Places

Based on an early version developed by the members of the Higher Visions DA meeting in Seattle, the flyer above is GSB-approved. Please note that only the GSB can approve use of the DA logo on materials for use outside of the fellowship.

In addition to the above, our Intergroup has developed a variety of customized tear-off flyers for use in different locations and for different intended audiences. Our flyers are perfect for PI outreach by all groups and members in our region. If you are visiting this site from another Intergroup or region, and prefer to put your own regional information on the flyers, you can download the flyers in Word here. You're welcome!

Since you are visiting this page, you may want to visit these other public information pages, too: 

Info for the MediaInfo for Helping Professionals,Tear-Off Flyers for Posting
Tell Us About Your PI Service, and List of Reported PI Activities.

Please let us know if you are available to help by sending an email to

The International Public Information Manual
On the right, above -- A how-to manual for members, groups, and Intergroups who need material to help spread the word about DA. Explains how to attract new members, encourage support for DA, and use appropriate methods to reach out to professionals, hospitals and institutions, and local media. (revised 2013). 

Public Information for DA Members

In cooperation with the publicity committee for the Northwest DA Conference, the Northwest DA Intergroup began an extensive community outreach program in Spring of 2015, providing information (on both the conference and DA) to professionals throughout the Northwest US region who work with still suffering debtors. We're actively letting those professionals and their clients know we're here and ready to help. If you have interest in helping with this initiative, there's plenty of work to do. Come join us and pitch in! 

DA's Twelfth Step asks us to carry our message to the debtor who still suffers. Working through the principle of attraction, not promotion, we carry that message to the public in an informative, accurate, and nonsensational way. We can use the resources on this page to help us be more effective in bringing the DA program within reach of those who want it.