John H. Scholarship Fund

Call for 2021 Contributions by April 15, 2021.

What Is the John H. Scholarship Fund? 

Established in honor of D.A.'s founder, John H., scholarships are awarded to groups that do not have sufficient funds to cover the expense of sending their General Service Representative (GSR) or Intergroup Service Representative (ISR) to the annual D.A. World Service Conference (WSC).  
During the past four years, D.A. groups and fellows have contributed a total of $31,614.92 to the John H. Scholarship Fund, helping send 58 representatives to the WSC. In the 2018-19 Conference year, $8,091.31 was raised. This helped send 11 delegates to the August 2019 WSC held in Los Angeles, California USA - delegates who otherwise might not have been able to attend.

How Does the John H. Scholarship Fund Work?  

All D.A. groups that have a GSR or ISR, but have not raised enough money to cover the cost of sending their representative to the WSC, are encouraged to apply for a scholarship. 

One scholarship is awarded to a qualifying meeting with the greatest financial need. The remainder of the Fund is distributed to meetings with the smallest amount needed first, followed by groups with larger amounts needed so that the John H. Scholarship Funds supports the largest number of delegates attending the WSC. Our goal for the 2019-20 Conference year is to raise $10,000 or $20 per each of D.A.'s 500 registered groups. This amount will make it possible to provide support to approximately 20 D.A. groups seeking to send a representative to the 2020 World Service Conference in the New York City, USA area to be held at the Newark, NJ Marriott.
All contributions received by April 15, 2021, will go toward sending GSRs and ISRs to the 2020 World Service Conference.
Individual contributions by D.A. Fellows to the John H. Scholarship are graciously accepted and may result in a U.S. Federal Tax deduction to the contributor. Check with your tax advisor.

Please Contribute Online at:


Mail a check in US $ to:

Debtors Anonymous General Service Office
John H Scholarship Fund
P.O. Box 920888
Needham, MA 02492-0009

Make Your Check Payable to: "John H Scholarship Fund"
Please click here to download the John H. Scholarship Fund Information Flyer for distribution at your meetings.

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