Northwest Debtors Anonymous


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Public Information (PI) Is Happening in Northwest DA

"We sometimes hear D.A. members say 'When I got busy, I got better.' The personal benefits we receive from giving service are without parallel: We feel useful. We experience a sense of accomplishment, which enhances our self-esteem. We gain a sense of oneness with others. For many of us, the disease of compulsive debting is one of isolation. Giving service provides us with a direct connection to the fellowship, lessening our isolation and loneliness. Learning how to speak up in a business meeting helps us to be more assertive in other parts of our lives. Service gives us a voice in a community of fellows who understand us.” — from the Debtors Anonymous Service Pamphlet

The list below contains recent PI activities accomplished by DA members in the Northwest US region — including Washington, Alaska, Idaho, and Montana — providing service both to the DA Fellowship and to the compulsive debtors who still suffer. We are grateful!

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We've just created this list in late 2016. No one has reported PI activities yet. Please be the first!

In the meantime, here are the PI activities currently in the works at World Service level.