Northwest Debtors Anonymous


Northwest DA Member Support


​The best support we can offer to DA members in our region is to invite everyone to be represented and engaged in the service opportunities available through our Intergroup.

A single group of 10 or 12 members would find it both expensive and difficult to undertake creation of a website like this one, or even maintenance of a single email address for inquiries by potential members. Most groups would not be able to take advantage of quantity discounts in buying DA literature from the General Service Office. These activities, so important in carrying the message, can be facilitated by our regional Intergroup.

Beyond this basic and fundamental purpose, our Intergroup can serve as a clearinghouse for information. Groups can send representatives to monthly
Northwest DA Intergroup meetings, sharing their experience, strength, and hope in carrying the message. New ideas and approaches can be exchanged. Groups can learn what is happening elsewhere in our region and in DA worldwide, and we share our knowledge and experience with new and struggling groups.

Our Intergroup can also provide opportunities for cooperation in fellowship projects beyond the capacity of any one group. Thus, you will find our Intergroup supporting groups in sponsoring days of sharing which enable debtors to come together and exchange their recovery, unity, and service stories.

DA Pamphlets and Materials

We've gathered all the free DA literature we could find online and offer it for your personal use. You will also find links for ordering DA literature by clicking on the button below.

Northwest DA Service Opportunities

Click the button below to find out about doing service with and for Northwest Debtors Anonymous.

Resources Created and Collected by DA Members

DA's literature approval process is painfully slow, so our members sometimes develop useful resources while we wait.