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​1. Desire for an understanding of the 12 Traditions (for unity) and 12 Concepts (of service) which closely align with the 12 Steps (to recovery).

2. Successful completion of
service commitments at many levels — PRGs, sponsorship, DA meetings, and Intergroup — keeping our commitments is key to our recovery.

3. Ability to work in harmony with others, even amid controversy.

4. Willingness to learn the difference between majority rule and group conscience and willingness to work within the group conscience.

5. Ability to maintain a flexible attitude while working with others.

6. Willingness to follow the spiritual principles by which
Northwest DA Intergroup operates (see item 1 in this list) and to be led toward those principles by our fellows.

​1. Active membership and regular attendance at a DA or BDA home group.

2. Active engagement with a
DA sponsor and in the process of living the twelve steps.

3. Freedom from incurring new unsecured debt for at least six months.

4. Experience in at least four Pressure Relief Meetings (PRMs) — at least two given and two received. 

5. Desire to do the work of
Northwest DA; the monthly meetings are a small part of the work we do together.

6. Dedication and commitment to the health of DA and a personal desire to carry the DA message to the still-suffering debtor. This would include completion of the full term of at least one previous service commitment — either in your group or at Intergroup

​In addition, here is our vision for the shared characteristics of participants in service at Northwest DA. Few of us start Intergroup service with the following qualifications in place. We are all growing toward these traits through our work and fellowship together:

Qualifications for Northwest DA Officers and Committee Chairs

​​Suggested starting point for becoming an officer or committee chair for the Northwest DA Intergroup, in service to Debtors Anonymous throughout our region:

Northwest DA Service Opportunities

​​Northwest DA Intergroup is a formal gathering of representatives from DA groups in our region.  At Northwest DA meetings, we discuss items that affect DA as a whole and throughout our region, such as DA events, workshops, website, bulk literature orders, ways to support our constituent meetings, public outreach, and news.

Each group is encouraged to elect and send an Intergroup Representative to our monthly meetings.  We also have several elected officers and standing committee chairs. Northwest DA is currently seeking qualified volunteers (Trusted Servants) to serve in the positions in bold orange:  Chair and Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Intergroup Service Representative (ISR)​, Literature Chair, Public Information Chair, Special Events Co-chair, Web Guardian and Vice Web Guardian, Video Conference Guardian. 

We hold annual elections each December for service commitments beginning in January of the coming year.  Any member of DA may attend an Intergroup meeting as a non-voting participant, and this can be a useful way to experience a
business meeting.  Serving as a Representative or Trusted Servant has many benefits, including growth of supportive relationships, strengthening our own recovery, and yes, fun!

The Northwest DA Intergroup monthly business meeting is held on the fourth Saturday of each month. You can join the Zoom meeting by clicking here.  To join by phone, call +1 669-900-9128. The meeting ID is 895 2122 9850. The passcode is 704871.
(Only elected Group Representatives and Intergroup Trusted Servants may vote. See "About Northwest DA" for more information.)