Northwest Debtors Anonymous

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See bottom of page for a collection of free DA literature to download

Want to order DA literature not available here?

Most DA meetings have literature on hand. If you're the literature person for a meeting, you can download a DA literature order form here. Once you've made your literature selections, you can either mail in your form as directed or place your order with our Northwest DA literature chair via

We're working on the possibility of accepting DA literature orders online. Check back to see our progress.


All the DA literature below is free to download

You, your group, your sponsees, and your fellows may be interested in two helpful resources developed by Northwest DA

Northwest DA Glossary of Terms for DA Members and DA Service and Northwest DA Vocabulary of DA Terms for Newcomers

(Both were approved by Northwest DA members on November 28, 2015 and updated on November 5, 2016.
The second version of the glossary was approved by DA's General Service Board on March 21, 2016.)