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We no longer publish the Northwest DA PRG and Sponsor list on this site.  Instead, it is hand-distributed to constituent groups and members.  If you would like to be included in the list or request a copy visit our signup page.

PRG and Sponsor List

“After we have gained some familiarity with the DA program, we organize Pressure Relief Groups consisting of ourselves and two other recovering debtors who have not incurred unsecured debt for at least 90 days and who usually have more experience in the program. The group meets in a series of Pressure Relief Meetings to review our financial situation. These meetings typically result in the formulation of a spending plan and an action plan.”Fourth Tool of Debtors Anonymous

"We have found it essential to our recovery to have a sponsor and to be a sponsor. A sponsor is a recovering debtor who guides us through the Twelve Steps and shares his or her own experience, strength, and recovery." — Third Tool of Debtors Anonymous  

Northwest Debtors Anonymous