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PRG and Sponsor Sign-up

If you have at least 90 days free of incurring new unsecured debt and would like to be added to our PRG and Sponsor List, please complete the form below. You will be added within three days. Please note that ALL fields, except the email address and comments / questions box at the end, must be completed in order for the submit button to work.

Because this is a public setting, please provide only your first name and last initial, and an  anonymous email address (i.e. no last names or work urls, etc.), along with your phone number and other relevant details requested below. If a non-anonymous email address is provided it will not be included on the list, although the rest of your information will be, as long as it's anonymous. If you need help setting up an anonymous email address, please contact our Northwest DA web committee at

Thank you in advance for being of service to our DA community! If you are looking for the PRG and Sponsor List, click here.

Be sure to complete all fields labeled with a red star (*) or the submit button will not work.

Northwest Debtors Anonymous