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Contribute to the D.A. Daily Meditation Book

The World Service Conference Literature Committee is creating a D.A. Daily Meditation Book. D.A. members are invited to submit a meditation. For more information, click here.

Write for the D.A. Magazine: Ways & Means

The editors of Ways & Means, the quarterly magazine of the global D.A. fellowship, are always looking for member stories to publish. Here is an announcement they recently sent to members:

"At the 2019 World Service Conference, we received an Issue & Concern asking to see more stories of D.A. recovery focusing on retirement issues. If you have a story to share on retirement or any other D.A.-related topic, please send it to

Be sure to sign an Assignment of Rights release form available here. This grants us permission to publish your story."

More information and past issues of the D.A. magazine, Ways & Means, are available here.

Underserved and Under-represented Outreach Caucus Seeking Articles

The WSC Underserved and Under-represented Outreach Caucus is seeking articles by D.A. members  from underserved and under-represented populations for an upcoming issue of  Ways & Means.

Please consider writing a short article about how being a member of an under-represented population has impacted your debting and D.A. recovery. 

Are their unique challenges you face as a debtor in an underserved population?
How do you identify (age / race / ethnicity / disability / gender identity / sexual orientation / etc)? What ESH do you have for anyone from an underserved population seeking recovery in Debtors Anonymous?

Your article (300 to 1500 words) will need to be submitted by June 1, 2020 for this special issue with a signed Assignment of Rights available at
More information (and past issues) is available at 

Share a photo for the D.A. Magazine.
We have a need for photos from D.A. members!  Please submit your photo with a short description (50-150 words) about how the photo represents your experience of recovery in Debtors Anonymous. 

Make sure the photo has no faces, no logos, and that you own the copyright. And please sign a release from so we can publish your photo and your description! 

Send by June 1, 2020, to

Share Your Story of Experience, Strength, and Hope with the DA Fellowship