• 2016_07 - C P - July Speaker32:05

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DA and BDA Speaker Recordings

Please consider recording your next DA or BDA speaker meeting, workshop, or other DA special event and contributing the mp3 to Northwest Debtors Anonymous, along with a signed speaker release form, for sharing with our fellow DA and BDA members.

Current NWIG members, starting with the web team, will review submitted recordings and approve them whenever possible for uploading to this page. Recordings which are not approved generally break one or more of DA's twelve traditions, especially one of the anonymity traditions.


  • 23:26

September 2016 - DJ B

40th Anniversary - Alexander K

  • 21:15

40th Anniversary - Sam B

2016 — Monthly Speaker Meetings

We began recording our monthly speaker meeting in April 2016. New recordings will be added to this page as new speakers tell their stories and give us permission to record them. Please be patient with our imperfect recordings. Thank you to our speakers and to the members who did the recordings for us! 

  • 28:03

40th Anniversary - Pat P

  • 2016_05 - Lisa H - May Speakers Meeting32:10

  • 2016_09 - Beth N - September Speaker28:44

April 16, 2016 — Special DA 40th Anniversary Celebration

Please enjoy these recordings of our three speakers from our special 40th Anniversary Celebration in the order they spoke. This was our first experience recording at our monthly speaker meeting. Please be patient with our imperfections. Thank you to our speakers and to the member who did the recordings for us! 

Northwest Debtors Anonymous

  • 2016_06 - Helen T - June Speaker Meet34:16

  • 2016_08 - Bob A - August Speaker31:18

  • 23:20

  • 2016_08 - Molly L - August Speaker29:43

Northwest Debtors Anonymous Speaker Release Form

We request a completed speaker release form be submitted with and for each DA or BDA speaker recording submitted. Thank you!