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Start a DA Meeting

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1. Have a desire to start a meeting with a focus in mind.

2. Talk to other DA members about your idea and ask them if they would be interested in attending.

3. Download a meeting format that contains suggested guidelines for the format of a DA meeting. This format may vary, depending upon the group conscience of its members, using DA’s Fourth Tradition as a guide.

Suggested DA meeting format

Suggested BDA meeting format

4. Download the primary readings of DA. The inclusion of these readings may vary, depending upon the group conscience of its members, using
DA’s Fourth Tradition as a guide.  

12 Steps of DA

12 Tools of DA

12 Promises of DA

          12 Traditions of DA

12 Concepts of DA

5. Determine a consistent day, time, and location for your meeting. Rents vary — check churches, libraries, and community centers. Be sure it's okay to collect 7th Tradition funds and ensure that the rent is affordable.

6. Once you've found your location, set the date for your first meeting and start spreading the word.

7. Register your meeting with Northwest DA Intergroup so it will be listed on the DA meetings page.

8. Once your meeting has started, schedule a business meeting where you can elect a secretary, literature person, a treasurer, and an Intergroup Representative as well as any other service positions you may require for your meeting.

          Brief DA Group Service Position Descriptions

          How to Open a Bank Account

          DA Business Meetings

9.  Come to a Northwest DA Intergroup meeting or send your Intergroup Representative. Receive a new meeting literature kit and find out what's going on in DA throughout the Puget Sound region. Visit our DA Events page for details on the next Intergroup meeting (usually the 4th Saturday of each month).

10. Once you feel your meeting is going strong, usually 6-9 months after you've started, register your meeting with Debtors Anonymous GSO. Look for a new meeting online registration form here

We are all different in our patterns of debting and recovery. Most DA meetings have a focus that may be of more interest to some individuals than to others as short-term recovery needs and desires may be different. If you would like to have a meeting available that focuses on your area of interest, what could be a better way than to start one yourself? Being of service is one of the most important tools in our recovery, keeping us coming back and remaining solvent.

Requirement for starting a new DA meeting
The only requirement to start a new DA meeting is a desire to do so. It is, however, suggested that you first attend a variety of
DA meetings and familiarize yourself with different formats.

Suggested procedures for starting a DA meeting