Northwest Debtors Anonymous


Our Intergroup is responsible for a number of activities that support meetings in our region, such as:​

1. Maintaining and distributing a current list of DA meetings — days, times, and locations.

2. Maintaining a website with relevant information for our DA community — DA events, free DA literature, and other resources.

3. Reaching out to and fielding inquiries about DA from the public and the professional community.

4. Purchasing DA and AA literature in bulk and selling it to groups.

5. Sponsoring workshops and special events.

6. Disseminating communication to the local DA membership from the General Service Office, the General Service Board, and the World Service Conference Committees.

7. Handling other inter-meeting communication, possibly but not necessarily including publication of a regional Intergroup ezine. 

8. Sponsoring an Intergroup Service Representative (ISR) to the World Service Conference if possible. 

Want to find out more about Northwest Debtors Anonymous? Please download our Northwest DA Service Handbook.

​​Want to know more about service in Debtors Anonymous? Please read our Debtors Anonymous Manual for Service.

Intergroup Responsibilities

What Intergroup Representatives (IRs) Do

​UPDATE: Due to coronavirus, Intergroup currently meets via Zoom Video Conferencing. Please email the IG Chair for details: The May 2020 meeting is on the 30th.

The Intergroup Representative attends monthly Intergroup meetings and represents his or her home group in matters that affect our geographic region and the Nothwest DA Intergroup's interests. The Intergroup Rep helps with decision-making about and fulfillment of responsibilities like those listed below. This position is different from the Intergroup Service Rep (ISR).

The ISR serves as a link between our regional Intergroup and the World Service Conference (WSC). The ISR participates on a WSC committee and caucus, votes at the annual DA Convocation, and becomes a communication link between all DA groups, especially Intergroups.